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About Us

Nirmaan Vastu philosophy

The universe has its own energy flow and Vastushastra lays down rules on how to remain in sync with that energy flow. 

Every building is divided in 16 directions and every direction is ruled by an element (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Sky) and

8 planets (Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mars, Ketu, Saturn, Moon, Mercury).

These Elements and Planets gives a specific attribute to each direction.

Every building further can be divided into a mathematical and geometric chart called Vastu Mandala which has 45 energy zones which are ruled by 33 gods and 13 demons which influence the subconscious minds on a subtle level of the people living in the building. Any place we inhabit is an extension of our subconscious mind.

As per Vastushastra every activity in a your home, office or business place if executed in the right direction or energy field will help draw the power of nature effortlessly to do that activity and achieving your goal becomes spontaneous and effortless.

At Nirmaan Vastu we analyze your space, considering your activities and objects you have kept in each zone to calculate the balance of energies in your space. We then help you balance the energy in your space with the help of remedies. Our remedies are based on changes in activities, using specific objects, colors, music, and fragrances to activate the positive attributes of each zone. The remedies balance and calibrate your space giving you maximum benefits of every element and planet. When you use that space there will be subtle changes in your subconscious to excel in every activity or decisions you take creating an ideal environment which will give you good health, peace and prosperity.

Our simple and practical remedies are aimed at avoiding demolition and structural changes which cause you

time and money.


Lord Shiva fought a giant named Andhak for many years and at last killed him. During the fight, from the sweat of lord Shiva a powerful man was originated. This powerful man started decimating everything in his way including the Gods and got is possession of the 3 worlds.

All the gods went to Lord Brahma for help to save the world. This person had become so big and powerful that no single god could overpower him. Finally, Lord Brahma instructed 32 gods to hold his peripheral body and 12 gods to hold his interior body and pinned him down in the earth with his head in the North-East and legs in the South-West. During this Lord Brahma jumped into the center and held him down. A total of 45 gods including Lord Brahma reside on the Vastupurush.




I was looking for the right apartment when I was moving to a new town and city. With the help of Swapneel, his permanent availability and quick responses I could find a great suiting apartment. The remedies with all the small details really made a big shift. His presentation and materials he gave in the call was very well made. Easy to understand and very professional.

Christoph Koellner


We were very fortunate to have Swapneel visit or home. He meticulously examined each corner of our house and suggested Vastu fixes to draw in more harmony, prosperity and bring in general positivity to our home. Ever since we have made the suggested changes, our life has been more peaceful, prosperous and enjoyable. We cannot thank Swapneel enough and wish him nothing but the best always

Veeral & Purvi - New Jersey


Swapneel Deshpande

Nirmaan Vastu is founded by

Ar. Swapneel Deshpande

who is one of the leading names in
Architecture, Design and Vastushastra.

Swapneel has completed his master’s in design from Kingston University London, UK and has over 12 years of experience in the field of Vastushastra, Architecture and Interior Design in India. Swapneel has successfully completed many residential, commercial and educational projects. Swapneel is well travelled and has clients in India, UK and America. Swapneel’s vastushastra experience combined with his architectural education and practice allows him to do a holistic analysis of the clients plan and needs and recommend remedies which are practical and logical to implement.

Through his vast experience, he has created an effective system that is theoretically and practically proven and offers the transformative solutions of this ancient science to create life-enhancing, built environments that enhance the lives of his clients.


The information, interpretations and consultations are based on our vastushastra knowledge and based on our experience only. By requesting services, products, advice or any information from Nirmaan Vastu you agree to take full responsibility for any and all consequences acted upon and decisions made in utilizing the information provided or recommendations made or advice given and agree to release Nirmaan Vastu from any and all liability with regards to all content on the site, reports and advice received.

Nirmaan Vastu makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the website, social media channels or any materials from Nirmaan Vastu and cannot be responsible for any interpretation or use that may be made of it. Vastushastra is guidance and you should seek other forms of advice for situations and never fully rely on vastushastra for an answer. No vastushastra consultant in the world can predict and be 100% correct in their predictions and solutions.


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