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About Vastushastra

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that puts down guidelines on the construction of buildings such that they are in harmony with the environment or nature. It is a metaphysical science which balances 8 directions, 5 elements along with the gravitational force and electromagnetic force of the earth to balance human life for progress, progeny, finances, physical and mental health, stability, leadership etc. 

These five elements are EARTH, AIR, SPACE, FIRE and WATER. Our body is also made of these five elements (‘Panchbhoota’ or ‘Panchtatva’) and as human beings we are affected by the electromagnetic forces and these elements. Each of these five elements is associated with a direction and each direction has a positive or negative influence on us.

Vaastu Shastra aims at harnessing higher energy levels from the space that we occupy to achieve an optimal balance between the space and the body. Flaws in architectural design result in Vaastu doshas (imperfections), which can negatively impact the quality of life of its inhabitants. Simple changes in your home can enhance various aspects such as career advancement, harmony in relationships, financial stability, and mental and physical well-being


  • The Story Of Vaastu Purush

  • Vaastu Purush Mandala

  • Vaastu Directions

  • Importance Of Each Directions

  • Elements Of Vaastushastra

  • Colours As Per Vaastushastra


"Vastushastra is a way of life to align your day to day activities  in your home or workspace to the positive energies of the universe with aim to achieve spiritual, Financial growth & good health."

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Story of Vaastu Purush

Lord Shiva fought a giant named Andhak for many years and at last killed him. During the fight, from the sweat of lord Shiva a powerful man was originated. This powerful man started decimitating everything in his way including the Gods and got is possesion of the 3 worlds and was ready to eat the terrestial world.


All the gods went to Lord Bramha for help to save the world. This person had become so big and powerful that no single god could overpower him. Finally it is said that 32 gods held him from his peripherial body and 13 gods held him from interior body and pinned him down with his head in the North-East and legs in the South-West. During this Lord Bramha jumped into the centre and they pinned him down.


This person finally apologized to Lord Bramha and asked him that if he was created out of lord shivas sweat why is he being treated like this. Lord Bramha accepted his apology and blessed him saying that though he will keep lying pinned like this people will start worshiping him and will build their houses as per his wishes. He can only trouble people who don’t worship him or follow his wisshes, but those who do will always be happy and prosperous.

Vaastu Purush Mandala

The Mandala is divided in 9 x 9 = 81 parts. There are 32 gods on the outer part and 13 gods on the inner part pf the Mandala. Vaastu Shastra lays guidelines to keep all the deiteys happy combining the different functions we perform during the 24 hour period at different times and in different parts of the house as per the Vaastu Mandala.


The Vaastu mandala instructs us to locate different features into the place of presiding God to get maximum benefits in terms of good health, wealth, peace, progress and prosperity. The experts of Vaastu frame a module to divide the areas according to which every placement and direction for physical feature is ascertained. However, the most important place in Vaastu Purusha mandala is ‘Brahamasthana’, it is the sacred place which is considered appropriate for divinity and worship.


Vaastu Directions

To understand Vaastu Shastra in a better way the knowledge of direction is especially important. There are a total of 8 directions. North, South, East and West are called the cardinal directions and the point where the two directions meet North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West are called the inter cardinal directions. These inter cardinal directions are given more importance in Vaastu Shastra as they combine the benefits of two directions.


Each direction is governed by a particular god and Vaastu Shastra says that if we honor the gods of these 8 directions by implementing specific design principals in our house or workplace we will be blessed with Success, Health and Prosperity.

Importance Of Each Directions

EAST : This direction is governed by Lord INDRA. He bestows wealth and all pleasures of life.

SOUTH-EAST : This is governed by fire or Lord AGNI. He gives us good personality and good things in life. Fire is related to cooking and it is thus the source of health.

SOUTH : This direction is governed by Lord YAMA, the god of death. He is a manifestation of Dharma and eradicates evil forces. He is also the source of wealth success and happiness.

SOUTH-WEST :This direction is  governed by Lord NIRUTI, the god who protects us from evil forces. He is a source of character, demeanor, longevity, and death.

WEST : This direction is governed by Lord VARUN, the god of rains. He bestows his blessings in the form of water and brings prosperity, fame and fortune.

NORTH-WEST : This direction is governed by Lord VAYU, the god of wind. He is a source of change is course of business, friendship and enmity.

NORTH : This direction is governed by Lord KUBER. He is the god of wealth.

NORTH-EAST : This direction is governed by Lord ESHAN. He is the source of health, wealth and success. He brings wisdom, knowledge and relieves us from miseries and mishaps.


Elements Of Vaastushastra

The 5 main elements in nature from which the earth is made of are AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH, SKY.


We saw that the directions North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West are give importance in Vaastu Shastra. Each of these directions is governed by one element. Vaastu Shastra is a science which combines these 5 elements ultimately balancing Nature and Cosmos to Man and Material.


Colours as per Vaastushastra

Vastushastra tells us how to choose appropriate colours as per planetery directions in order to reap maximum benefits in the form of health, wealth, prosperity and harmony. Specific colours can be used in conjuction with appropriate uses and directions to get this benefit. Below is a diagram showing favourable colours for every direction.

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